How to seperate IP-based production and test database on exadata?is it possible?

Multiple public networks in the same cluster for Production,test and EBS database

Exadata our infrastructure;
/u01——–>Production database mount point
/u02——–>Test database mount point exa01db01-vip exa01db02-vip
exa01-scan IP

Question 1) Is it possible to change scan or vip name and like this?
Exa01live-scan —–> ve user connect only PRODUCTION DATABASE with that IPs.
Exa01test-scan ——> user connect only TEST DATABASE with that IPs.


You can create multiple networks and configure multiple scans for different database to use it. Please find the below document for steps.Note this article talks for ODA.But the steps are same for any Cluster.
ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): HowTo Configure Multiple Public Network on GI (Grid Infrastructure) 12c ( Doc ID 2101109.1 )