Usage vi editor in HP-UX

Important cursor Movement keys

keys Effect
l Move one character right
h Move one character left
j Move one line down
k Move one line up
Move one character right
G Go to last line of the file
nG Go to line number n in the file
$ Go to end of current line
^ Go to start of line
w Go to beginning of next word
b Go to beginning of previous word
e Move to end of word
H Go to first line of screen
M Go to middle line of screen
L Go to last line of screen
( Go to beginning of sentence
) Go to end of sentence
{ Go to beginning of paragraph
} Go to end of paragraph

Text Deletion Commands

Command Effect
x Delete character at current cursor location.
nx Delete n characters starting at current cursor location.
X Delete previous character from the current cursor location.
nX Delete n previous characters from the current cursor location.
dd Delete current line.
db Delete previous word.
dw Delete from current cursor location to the end of word.
dG Delete to the end of file including current line.


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